Why Black & White?

Black & White Photography has been with us since the creation of film in the 30's, and has been the companion to some of the world's most iconic images. It eliminates the distractions color can bring, and focuses the viewer on nothing other than raw emotion. 

Yes, I can shoot color, but to truly get the full experience I advise my clients to hire me for Black & White Weddings.

Do you shoot alone? 

Yes, it's just me during your Wedding Day. To sum it up, I have a very distinct vision when it comes to my work. A singular vision that provides my Clients with an incredibly consistent final product. Traveling is easy when needed, and costs less for Clients looking to hire me for Destination Weddings. 

How long until I receive my Images?

I typically deliver images Two to Three months after the actual Wedding Day. This gives me proper time to make Selects, Style them, and Create a Gallery for you and your guests to share free of charge. 

Do you sell Prints? 

Instead of selling Prints, I provide Hi-Resolution files that you can take and have printed any place you'd like. Album options are available, but tend to be expensive (starting at 1k).  With sharing images online, and having the ability to get prints via places like Snapfish, or Shutterfly, I allow my guests to make a choice for themselves instead of making them print through me. 

What I provide is Premium service to my Clients, helping them with (oddly enough) color choices to vendor Suggestions, even Dress, Shoe, and Jewelry options. I become a Visual Consultant to most Couples Wedding Day and I believe that's where their money is best spent.


What's your Experience Level? 

When getting my starting in Photography, I assisted for Joe McNally, a Photographer who's been listed by American Photo Magazine as one of the 100 most important Photographers ever. This has given me a knowledge base on the highest level. 

Since then, I've been fortunate enough to work with over 200 Clients in almost a decade of Photographing Weddings alone. And have had the privilege of traveling the World for Assignments for both Myself and other Clients.